The Journey..

That tingly feeling you get in your heart when you are about to start something new; that moment of excitement that makes your heart leap in bounds at the thought of finally doing something you are passionate about.

Something you knew you would always do but you were afraid to venture out into the unknown; the fear of following your heart, fear of breaking free from the chains and cocoons that we enslave ourselves in, fear of stepping out in the sunshine and letting your light brighten up your path to great outstanding heights.

Eventually, we all get tired of cowering behind the shadows and we decide to embrace our radiance and the amazing potential that lies within us. We decide to let it go and let ourselves be the best we can, because after all is said and done, the greatest misery is getting to the end of it and realizing you never showed the world your magnificence.

So this is me pushing myself out to the very last limit I can stretch, me embracing my deep passion for playing around with words to create beauty with a positive impact. This is me opening up my heart and pouring out my spirit, my feelings and my soul into my love for the pen.

This is me stepping out into the mystery. A simple girl who got tired of trying it on her own and decided to fully surrender to the Almighty God,allowing herself to feel the overwhelming love, His warm embrace and the beauty of resting at His feet and walking in His will.

Walk with me!

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