A Lil’ About Me

My walk of faith is a blog that gives a glimpse of my personal journey in salvation as I strive to follow in the footsteps of Christ. It’s me allowing Christ to use me as a mouthpiece and voice out what He places in my spirit. It’s me allowing Christ to use me as a vessel, to outpour His overwhelming love to His children, to bring healing to broken hearts and give hope to despairing souls.

I know He can do all these things and exceedingly above because He has done it for me and I am a living testimony of how a broken piece in the hands of the Master can be transformed to a masterpiece for the glory and honor of His name. I gave my life to Christ on 26th May 2016, a night I had gone to church completely broken to ask for permission to give up on life. The night I bitterly wept as I lay my heart to God and told Him I was giving up on life and I needed Him to understand me when I did. That was the night God reached out, embraced me, flaws and all, and whispered I was His and He was not letting me go and that He was ready to restore me if only I could let Him. At first I felt so unworthy to receive Him, I mean, hadn’t He watched how deep I had fallen, how badly hurt I was, how broken I felt, how messed up I looked? Why would He want to taint Himself saving a lost case? But He didn’t let me go, I felt His embrace all through the service and the more I wept asking Him to let me go, the more He whispered that He loved me and together we could rise above the pain so I surrendered. And it has been a beautiful journey of walking with God, Him working in me and daily being led to my destiny; conformed to the likeness of Christ.

I am a communication practitioner serving in the market place. My greatest calling is being a teacher of the word and nurturing children to grow rooted in Christ by serving in the children’s ministry. I am passionate about spreading hope and love through giving and charity work. I find my purpose in using my skills, my talents and passion to touch lives and make a positive impact everywhere the Lord calls me to go.

I like to think of myself as a pencil that draws the world to Christ.

So welcome in, feel at home and may the Spirit of the Living God speak to you, teach you, encourage you and above all remind you that you are deeply loved!


Beatifully Broken,

Njeri Muthuya