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Tis the second Friday of June and our second blog post of the month/year and I believe it calls for applause because a win is a win, whether big or small and it needs to be celebrated lol. I haven’t written in a while but it feels amazing to be back here, as shared in last week’s The Return of the Prodigal. 16 months of silence, yep BUT who is like God our restorer.

I accepted Christ as my personal savior on 26th May 2016 and last month I celebrated 6 years of God’s faithfulness in this beautiful walk of faith. I would never take any credit for this far I have come because I am utterly NOTHING without God. I haven’t played any huge or grandeur role, I have just being a vessel that surrendered and submitted to Christ for Him to use as He pleases. Have I been the most pleasant vessel to work with? ABSOLUTELY NOT. I am so flawed, too flawed, I am broken, I am stubborn, I am strong willed and led to easily disobey; simply put I am a beautiful mess of imperfection. If I didn’t know God, I would pray for Him every day that He gets the strength to work with this girl BUT because I Know Him, I pray to Him every day thanking Him for never quitting on her.

Before I got born again, I had been really struggling to live a righteous life. I knew about God since I had heard of him all throughout my life from childhood. I loved Sunday school, I loved being and serving in church as a young girl, I loved reading and hearing the bible stories of great men, women and even children who were loved by God and whose lives sounded pretty amazing. Stories of Abraham being called by the unseen and into the unknown , Noah building an ark and the rains pouring incessantly, Moses and the burning bush (I have got questions saved up to ask him when we meet in Heaven) and not forgetting little David and his five smooth stones killing a barbaric giant. These were pretty fascinating stories to me and I grew up loving God and wanting to live a life that pleased Him. But it honestly wasn’t easy as ABC. The more I grew up, the harder it became because the “giants” kept growing and morphing into different challenges: from wanting to obey and please my parents in primary to fighting peer pressure and low self-esteem in high school and finally succumbing to the worldly pleasures afterwards.

Throughout the seasons I never stopped believing that God loved me so I kept fighting the battles and I never let go of the hope that one day there would be victory over the flesh and its desires. Looking back now it’s hilarious because I would go to church every Sunday (Yes I rarely missed church, regardless of which hole I was in the previous night) be deeply convicted and ‘give’ my life to Christ then the moment I walked out and stepped back to the norm, I would come crumbling down almost instant. Some Sundays it would be going back to break up with a boyfriend and walking out having ‘made out’ for breaking up then moving on with the relationship lol. Some other Sundays it would be getting back home after the sermon then receiving a “I am out here, come meet me” kind of calls then forgetting all the resolve and jumping back into the bandwagon of drinking and making merry. Like I said, I was a beautiful mess of imperfection.

But I never stopped believing, fighting, hoping and praying to live a life that pleased God even when it spiraled downwards and became so bad and heartbreaking, even when I made terrible decisions, one after another after another until it became a cycle of bad decisions. It always felt like living a double life, on one hand I was totally sucked into this self-centered, self-pleasing self-glorifying and self-gratifying life and on the other hand I was still desperately hoping and fighting to live a righteous life because deep down my heart there was always a strong conviction of God.

The conviction never wavered but kept getting louder and louder every day until one day His voice was the loudest amidst the chaos, the struggles, the brokenness, the lies of the enemy and the depression. It kept getting louder until finally it was only Him and I alone, He saw the broken girl, her mistakes, her terrible decisions, her cries, tears and snort, her scars and wounds. He saw her at her weakest, her lowest, and her breaking point of giving up on life AND HE LOVED HER NONETHELESS.

And for the first time in my life, I felt His pure beautiful unconditional love wash over me, I felt Him lift the burden of sin I had carried all my life alongside the baggage it brought. For the very first time in my life, that night of 26th May 2016 I was redeemed, I was accepted and made new, the dead was buried and I was resurrected with Christ. My mind and body which had hosted oh so many was sanctified into His Holy Temple and I was sealed with the mark of the Holy Spirit and free to start afresh.

If I tell you what Jesus has done for me, you will never be astonished at my never ending praises unto Him. If I tell you where I have been and what I did and what He has done for me, you will never question why am completely in love and in awe of this Savior of mine. I have stared at death with my very own eyes and I have also witnessed the mighty hand of God snatch me away from the enemy’s grasp. I have slept with the enemy in his own bed and I also know what it feels like to lay on my Savior’s bosom, to be held and hidden in His arms. What God has done for me I could never repay Him, I am truly surrendered to Him, my heart belongs to Him, my life I now live for Him because His life was given up for mine.

6 years of living for Christ and it still feels like yesterday when I finally evolved from knowing about God to truly Knowing God because all my life I had heard about Him but it took one night of surrender to encounter Jesus Christ. And am still as in love with Him as I was when we first met. I still feel am yet to fully comprehend the magnitude of His love and His presence, the magnitude of His persona because even to date, there are uncountable instances where, like the Beautiful Lover He is, He keeps me on my toes and He blows my mind. No eye has seen, nor ear heard, not human heart conceived what God has prepared for those who love Him. 1st Corinthians 2:9.

In my 16 months of silence,  I confessed I had my moments of being 100% certain, assured and totally confident in my calling then the other moments where I sunk in a sea of doubt, moments of thinking “ Am I really called? Was I called? Did I hear right or did I call myself?”

Today God affirms me that YES He called me,  I didn’t call myself, I simply couldn’t. All those years in the battlefield, I didn’t sustain myself, He did and I never gave up the fight because He never gave up on me.

I know am called because before I was formed in my mother’s womb, He knew me and He set me apart for the nations. Jeremiah 1:5

I know am called because while I was still a sinner, God sent Christ to die for me Romans 5:8

I know am called because those God foreknew He also predestined to be conformed to the image of His son Jesus Christ Romans 8:29

I know am called because it is the will of God that Christ shall lose none of all those God has given to Him John 6:39

I know am called because Christ is able to keep me from stumbling and to present me before His glorious presence without fault and with great Joy Jude 1:24

31 What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us? 32 He who did not spare his own Son, but gave Him up for us all—how will He not also, along with Him, graciously give us all things? 33 Who will bring any charge against those whom God has chosen? It is God who justifies. 34 Who then is the one who condemns? No one. Christ Jesus who died—more than that, who was raised to life—is at the right hand of God and is also interceding for us. 35 Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall trouble or hardship or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword? 36 As it is written “For your sake we face death all day long; we are considered as sheep to be slaughtered.”[j] 37 No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us. 38 For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons,[k] neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, 39 neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord. Romans 8:31-39

Dear Heavenly Father,

I thank you for reminding me that Yes I am called. I thank you that You know my needs even before I open my mouth to speak and today you have met, exceeded and surpassed my thoughts in deeds. Thank you for re-affirming me that You have a plan and purpose for me, that even in the silence and moments of doubt You will never stop whispering that I am eternally yours. May my life always be pleasing to you as I give myself as a living sacrifice. To you be the glory and honor always and in eternity.




1st  of June 2022. Happy new month or should I say Happy New Year because it’s the first blog of 2022 lol but I will suppress that thought because what’s new about the year this far lol. Happy Mid-Year instead. Also part of me wants to ask “Can you believe the last time we were in here blogging was January 2021”??? But nope, I will also suppress that too because it’s pretty obvious that this writer has been ghosting for a while, a pretty long while.

The first few days of ghosting, I felt extremely horrible for letting myself, my walk of faith and my readers down, then another couple of weeks down the line I felt a little less horrible and then it spiraled downwards until months turned into an year and I honestly no longer felt horrible, I succumbed and just became numb.

But the flame never withered or died out, it was always in there, holding on to the last embers, hope faintly burning on that one day we would get back to this ministry, that one day God would restore us back to penning down what He places in my heart, that one day God would still delight in using me as His vessel to speak to His children.

I held on that hope, I clung on it with every fiber in my spirit and I refused to let go. I held on to the hope that we would get back here even in the days of gloom and utter despair, days of doubt and fighting the lies being whispered so loudly in my mind. I had loved ones who would keep querying why I stopped writing and most importantly when I would get back to it. I kept paying for the annual subscriptions to renew my blog even in the moments of pin drop silence.

That was me holding on to this hope. That was me trusting in the God of second, third fourth and even a hundred chances. That was me resting in the assurance of the unconditional love of my Heavenly Father, in the knowledge that He still reigned and He would delight in a broken and contrite spirit. That He would run out to receive the prodigal daughter who had left home indignantly, that He would embrace her, her messes, her scars and wounds and that He would once again clothe her with His glory.

Here we are today, 16 months down the line and we are back to blogging, back to what I love doing and most importantly back to serving and walking in obedience. I am so grateful to God for His never ending mercies and His faithfulness even in my faithlessness. I am so grateful that He never grows weary of picking me up and getting me back on track. I am so grateful that He never gets tired of my brokenness, my weaknesses, my imperfections, that He never grows impatient with this living sacrifice that keeps crawling away from the altar.

I have been saved for 6 years now and I will confess that salvation is a beautiful, exhilarating and life changing journey but truth be told it’s not always glitz and glam. It has its hills and valleys moment. Moments you’re on the mountain top celebrating victories and testimonies and answered prayers: the highlights of your walk of faith. Then the other moments when you’re knee deep in the valleys, drowning in fear, battling unbelief and fighting raging wars within your spirit and your environment.

Moments you’ll pray fervently for certain requests and some will be answered almost immediately with joy and thanksgiving but some will take years and years of still praying, still hoping, still believing and still holding onto the faith. Moments you are 100% certain, assured and totally confident in your calling then the other moments where you are sinking in a sea of doubt, moments of thinking “ Am I really called? Was I called? Did I hear right or did I call myself?”

I’ve still have my fair share of highs and lows: highs that have been incredibly-mind blowing and literally the favour of God shining through and lows have been down right heart-breaking. But in these moments, God remains the same. He knows and sees the end from the beginning so He knows how the story started, how it will end and everything in between. Nothing catches Him by surprise. In all these moments, He remains God and all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

In all these moments am learning that to be rooted in Christ, He ups the walk of faith because He needs us to grow deeper roots that will sustain us, He needs our faith to be strengthened and sometimes that comes through shaking up the foundations. He needs us to walk in the fire and be purified, He needs us to be pruned in the Gardener’s hands so we can be more fruitful. He needs us to camp at His altar continually so that when the tests, the trials, the temptations, the hurdles and the challenges come, they find us in Christ where we are assured of victory.

And you know the best part is coming out victoriously and not looking like what we have been through. Like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego who stepped out of the fire and the high officers, officials, governors, and advisers crowded around them and saw that the fire had not touched them. Not a hair on their heads was singed, and their clothing was not scorched. They didn’t even smell of smoke! Daniel 3:26-27.

I am a witness that God bestows a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair. And when He does, we will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of his splendor. Isaiah 61:3.

Am excited to get back here and I have a lot to share about this amazing journey of faith, this beautiful love story of a girl and her lover: The Lord Jesus Christ and by His grace, we will share the story all for His glory.

Welcome Back Home!!


2021 Prayers!

Day 29 of January, 2021; can you believe that we’ve come to the end of January already yet it feels like just the other day when we crossed over? I am glad to be alive and healthy on such a day, in such a season as this. The year still smells of its newness (for some of us, lol) with goals, dreams, hopes and desires for a fruitful, productive and prosperous year.

Am no different, am still super excited for the New Year. Yes I said it loud and clear, I’m super excited to see what God has in store for me. I am excited for the blessing of a new season after the year 2020 was.

Last year was gruesome on all levels, individually, as a family, as a community and all over the world. Personally I had my mountain high and rock bottom moments all throughout but am so grateful that God held me & carried me through it all and I crossed over 2021 hopeful, confident and assured in His promises, I crossed over in power and authority knowing that God never fails.

My 2021 declaration: This is the year of new birthing & manifestations, the year of divine positioning, divine acceleration and divine fruitfulness. These are my prayers for this year:

  • I will receive my manifestations in the year 2021 in the name of Jesus.
  • I will birth salvation in my family, community and country.
  • I will be aligned to the purposes of God.
  • I will fulfill positive prophecies that are aligned to God’s will.
  • I will be part of God’s remnant.
  • I will not suffer shame or defeat.
  • I will be divinely positioned.
  • I will bear much fruit; I will be fruitful in my area of calling.
  • I will experience the grace of divine fruitfulness.
  • I will live my life as a ministry to point and draw the world to Christ.
  • My relationship with God will take preeminence.
  • The Lord’s perfect will be fulfilled.
  • The pain I have gone through will work for good for God.
  • God will make everything I begin/pursue/put my heart and mind to in 2021 to shoot and grow because of divine speed and divine acceleration, for the glory and honor of His name.

I am confidently stepping out this year, not because of anything I am, far be it from it. I am not the best to ever do it, I’ve been broken, I’ve messed up, been a fool, am wretched but God breathed into my life when He chose me. There are people out here who are wiser, better, more articulate, more beautiful BUT God still chooses me and keeps me alive.  It’s not me. It’s never been me. It’s JUST GOD!

And for this reason am totally sold out to Christ and I don’t mind looking like a fool to the world. I just want to be a bridge between heaven and earth, to make God proud, to please Him and Him alone, to bring glory and honor to Him: not the glory of this world, nope…I want the kind of glory that will have me stand in the presence of my Savior.

These are my prayers for 2021: to be Kingdom focused, to be a Kingdom seeker and chaser and to fulfill the Kingdom of God, by His grace, strength and wisdom. So Cheers to living out loud and large for Christ by all means possible, to manifesting and being who God called us to be.




10th October 2020: Such a beautiful sunny Saturday morning, am seated at the balcony, basking & taking in as much sun as I can while enjoying the cool breeze, watching it ruffle the leaves of nearby trees and playing softly in the background is my favorite worship music. Today I’ve woken up (Thank you Jesus) and I am completely overwhelmed at how blessed I am, one of those days you take a deep breath and you don’t remember how tough the last couple of days/weeks/months have been, you don’t remember all the things that went wrong, you don’t remember all those prayers that remain unanswered; no, not today.

Today I woke up and allowed myself to be completely overwhelmed by all the good things that have happened, all the blessings I have, all the prayers that have been answered, all the miracles I’ve watched God perform… today I woke up and decided to soak in the goodness of Christ.

I haven’t blogged in a while and it’s not that I haven’t had time because if I wanted to I would have, it’s simply because I allowed myself to get caught up in the busyness of life and failed to prioritize silencing my mind enough to sit and listen to what God wants me to share. Today I decide that listening to God is my priority.

I haven’t been checking up on my loved ones as much as I should, maybe because I fashioned this comfortable cocoon that simply praying for them and seeing them online most times means they are okay. Today I choose to be intentional in reaching out and letting my love grow from a noun into verb- acting, doing and being present.

I haven’t been consistent in my T.A.G (Time Alone with God), waking up early in the morning to sit at the feet of the Master and order my steps and day according to His will, simply because fighting sleep has been such a mountain, lol. Today I choose to remember that faith as little as a mustard seed is enough to move any mountain and so in faith I commit to devoting the first thirty minutes of my morning to God.

I’ve finished reading the book of Psalms and it’s a bitter sweet moment: sweet because I’ve been consistent in my “Read the Bible in 1 year” goal and bitter because I realize how far I am from wholly adopting a spirit of gratitude and praise and constantly reflecting/meditating on God’s word at ALL TIMES, even in the midst of pain and suffering and attacks (my most profound lesson from the 150 Psalms). Today I choose to:

  1. Focus on the milestones I’ve made this far on this journey and not the long path that lies ahead. #CelebrateSmallWins.
  2. Fix my focus constantly on God and not on my world or the happenings around. I realize it’s so easy to get caught up and be flogged down my life but that happens when I magnify it over God. I choose to remind myself every day that I surrendered my life and the steering wheel to Him and my job is to keep Him at the Centre, allow Him to run the show and to not let my eyes stray away from Him.

Beginning of the year, as one of my traditions, I wrote my goals down, put up my vision board and drafted a game plan but Lord knows I haven’t been as zealous as I should have. Well for starters I was solely focused on planning my wedding, then the pandemic happened, psyche and drive went under, wedding was postponed, then settled for a Covid-19 wedding instead of the dream wedding (I’ll totally write about this someday). Seen a couple of jokes and memes how we shouldn’t count 2020 since the world came to a stop, lol and it would be so easy to blame the virus for unaccomplished goals and dreams. But truth of the matter is:

  1. There is some good that happened in the midst of it all, if you are open to learning.
  2. Despite the circumstances, the power to pursue what we wanted was in our hands and if we didn’t go after it, we only have ourselves to blame, not 2020.

So today I choose to get over my procrastination, dust my goals and dreams and focus on channeling my passion, my drive and all of my energy into the next 82 days and what I can achieve by God’s grace. How? Every day I will wake up and choose to make a small, easy and manageable 1% adjustment to a particular aspect of my life which will result in an 82% improvement at the end of the year. Life is all about the choices we make and I choose differently, I choose that:

  1. I will not be caught up mumbling and grumbling and lamenting about life; I will be more grateful for all I have.
  2. I will not blame circumstances around me when things don’t go right; I will take ownership and be responsible.
  3. I will not allow my priorities to be all mixed up; I will know what matters and live accordingly.
  4. I will not take for granted the people I love; I will be intentional in communicating and being present.
  5. I will not sit on my gifts, skills or talents; I will allow myself to be who God has called me to be and to let my light shine before men that they may see His good works and glorify God.

Prayer for Today

Dear Lord,

Always remind me that my joy comes from you and that I should always rejoice. Let the joy and rest I find in you be manifested in my life as a gentle and quiet spirit.

Always remind me to fight anxiety and worry by presenting my requests to you in prayer and petition with thanksgiving and to trust that You will work all things together for my good.

Always remind me that true peace that guards my heart and mind comes from you and you alone. Teach me to recognize and remain in peace even when my circumstances are anything but peaceful.

Always remind me to set my mind on things above, not on earthly things; whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—to think about such things.

Since that sums up to Jesus perfectly, all I really have to do is fix my eyes on you. Thank you for making it so simple, Lord.



Taking Stock!

The first week of August went down, the sun was out and shining, feeling great and happy and blessed and all amazing things wrapped in one. August you are blessed and so are we so how about we stop and take stock of that.

A: Appreciating each and every thing/moment, good, okay or bad because there’s something to learn and learning = growth.

B: Being present in the moment. Not living in the past, the “what could have been” and not dwelling in the future, the “what will be” but learning to live in the moment, appreciating and seeing the beauty in it all.

C: Counting my blessings every day and realizing that it’s the smallest blessings that paint a big miracle when taken into account.

D: Daring to dream big because my hope is anchored on a bigger God who does exceedingly abundantly above all I can ever ask, think or imagine.

E: Enjoying the little things like basking in the sunshine, midnight giggles, a smile from a stranger, warm hugs from loved ones.

F: Feeling excited that my birthday is coming up very soon, four months to be precise and I’ll be ushered into third floor.

G: Growing gradually at the pace set before me and appreciating every milestone on the way.

H: Having the peace of God guard my heart and mind that even when the tempest is raging and the billows are tossed high, am reminded that the winds and waves obey His will.

I: In love, so totally in ♥

J: Jamming to this dope Jersualema song by Master KG ft Nomcebo Jerusalema ikhaya lami… Never misses in my morning playlist.

K: Keeping fit, well trying to. I’ve only gained one kilo in the last two months, not bad aye,hehe.

L: Learning how to drive, finally. I know, don’t judge. I have procrastinated this for so long but this chicken has come home to roost.

M: Marriage is beautiful ♥ . So glad I waited on God.

N: Not afraid of being totally sold out to Christ, even if it means that He is all I gush about, I can’t help it.

O: Onto that feel good vibe. August will be a great month.

P: Parenting has been on my mind lately, I feel am in a season of preparation where God is revealing some amazing lessons and am excitedly learning.

Q: Quiet moments after a long hard day are to die for, be it in the shower listening to music or sitting down to have devotions and journal. Learning to quiet your heart and mind in the midst of chaos is a milestone.

R: Remembering to be intentional in reaching out to my circle and loved ones. Am not good at calling and checking up (totally prefer texting and chatting) but that won’t be an excuse anymore. Not perfect but we keep trying to be the best. If I can’t do it for the ones I love, who will it be for?

S: Shining in my own little way and being a ray of sunshine to others when I can.

T: Trying to grow my hair and at the same time trying to be an enthusiastic naturalista because weeeeh.

U: Understanding that everyone has a story to tell and most times how they treat you isn’t a reflection of you but of their journey in their story.

V: Vacating empty dreams, empty bonds, empty efforts, all things empty because I want to live a full life.

W: Watching alot of series and football because it’s his love and he is mine.

X: (e)xercise.. Refer to K,lol..

Y: Yaaaay.. You owe it to yourself to be happy. You determine your choices. You charter your path. You passionately pursue what moves you. You live boldly, unashamedly and unapologetic.

Z: Ze best. That’s what I wake up telling myself to be.


Have a beautiful weekend and lots of love!


Journeying through the Bible

First day of August, yaaaaay… Happy new month, excited for new beginnings which always signifies a fresh start and hope for better days. Am looking forward to a lot this month, nothing big or fancy, just a desire to get back on track in achieving my goals and vision because I’ve come to the realization that if I don’t achieve what I purposed, that’s on me, can’t blame the pandemic or any other external forces, lol.

One of my main goals in 2020 was to read the bible in one year and thanks to my Trinity Chapel Ruiru E-group, the journey has been fun and fulfilling. I’ve just finished the book of Kings, 12 books y’all ; just writing that number makes me so excited at how consistent I have been in this challenge and by all means all glory goes back God; I wouldn’t have done this on my own strength. In summary, the books of Genesis to Kings tell a story of the rise & fall of the Israelites and the amazing journey they take in between. For me it paints a picture of three key things. One, wayward children who continually forget the covenant they have been called into, two, a very faithful God who is fiercely loyal to those who obey Him and thirdly the journey of becoming. I am inspired to look back and share the nuggets that stood out for me so here we go.

Friendship with God is beautiful

Reading through the story of Abraham made me desire a closer more intimate walk with God because without doubt He treasures a relationship with us. Abraham was never afraid to express himself and share his thoughts with God so much to the point where God also comfortably shared His plans with him. (Genesis 18: 16-33) and Abraham had the confidence of engaging/sort of questioning/sort of making God change His mind, that was mind blowing for me. David was a man after God’s heart; he pursued God wholeheartedly and learnt how to fully depend on Him for everything. He had his flaws but he never let that pull him away from God’s presence, his heart remained broken and contrite before God. And God in return never turned His back away from him. He remained faithful to the covenant He made with David despite the failures and disobedience in between. Even when his predecessors failed God and their hearts were not devoted to Him, God made sure that David’s lineage still remained in the throne. God honors those who pursue Him wholeheartedly.

Generational cycles exist

From the lineage of Abraham, the story tells how he passes down generational blessings which are exceptional but sadly he also passed down a pattern of lies and infidelity/sleeping with slaves to bear children. Abraham lied to Abimelek that Sara was just his wife and a few chapters down the line, Isaac repeats the same lie to the same guy then Jacob turned out to be a crafty liar who lied his way into Esau’s birthright. There was a pattern of barrenness passed down from Sarah, to Rebekah and Rachel. Moses inherited a generational anger/temper from the Levi lineage which in the end led to his downfall. David slept with another man’s wife and later on his own son Absalom slept with his father’s concubines. These patterns/cycles could be either good or bad but the most definite thing was these patterns were handed down from one generation to the next. Which led me thinking, what behaviors/patterns or legacy have been handed down to me and what will I hand down to my lineage, my children and my children’s children?

Trusting God with the process

The story of Joseph is one painted by jealousy, betrayal, slavery and ultimately ascent into power and authority which reflects that with God it doesn’t matter your circumstances, His will always prevails. With God, you will thrive anywhere you are put, whether it’s a pit, prison, palace, anywhere, you name it, but you will always succeed because His hand is upon you. It may take time to get to where God wants you to be; Abraham was 100 when he got a child, Joseph spent 13 years in slavery before he ascended into power, David was anointed to be king but it took him years of running away from death before he was enthroned as king. Everything God does is never in vain; it is part of a well calculated plan in His perfect will and purpose. Like Joseph said in Genesis 50: 20 as he addressed his brothers, “Don’t be afraid. Am I in the place of God? You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.” We just have to trust Him that He has our backs and His plans may lead us into pain but they are never to harm us.

The little foxes will cost you

Moses was an exceptional leader who led the Israelites out of Egypt, witnessed first-hand the great miracle of the Red sea, God’s physical presence leading them along the journey, God’s provision of manna, quail and water in the desert…I mean he saw everything that would daze me, but guess what, he never made it into the Promised Land. Why? He never dealt with his temper issues, his temper made him hit a rock instead of talking to it as instructed by God (Exodus 20:1-13) , his temper made him break the tablets which God had personally inscribed the ten commandments on. David was supposed to be at war like his fellow kings but on that particular day he wanted to Netflix and chill which led him to sleep with a married woman, kill the innocent husband and eventually God punished him by letting the son born out of that sin die. We are always told it’s the little things that matter so what little thing am I entertaining that could lead to my ultimate fall? It may seem insignificant at the moment but a series of little cracks on a foundation could make a whole tower crash down.

Feed your faith, starve your fear

Numbers 13 and 14, the story of the spies who were sent out to explore the land of Canaan is a clear demonstration of the power of faith over fear. 12 spies went out at the same time, witnessed the same thing but came back with two extremely different reports, one loaded with fear and horror and the other dripping in faith and confidence in God. The Israelites chose to believe the fear filled report and they grumbled out to God to the point of wanting to stone Moses and Aaron. In the end, it cost their lives because only the two spies who had the faith filled report crossed over into Canaan. Despite all God had done for them, displaying His glory, miraculous signs and wonders, they still doubted God’s ability to save them. Faith always wins especially in the journey of walking with God; faith is the currency we need to operate on. There will be moments when fear strikes but there is never a reason to doubt if you know who God is and know that He is on your side.

Serving God demands total separation

The one thing that made the Israelites repeatedly fail in keeping God’s decrees was their association with the tribes that did not know God which led them to being enticed into idolatry. Anytime God gave them victory over a new territory, they were required to totally destroy anything that did not honor God but little by, they failed at this and ended up worshipping baal, sacrificing their children, defiling the temple of God… the list is endless. Reading through the story of the kings who succeeded David, both the good ones and the bad ones, they all failed in one thing and that was they failed to remove the high places so the people continued to offer sacrifices and incense to gods. The journey of faith is a clear white or black/hot or cold scenario without room for gray areas or for being lukewarm. It’s either you are fully in or not because God demands we give Him our all or nothing at all. There should be zero tolerance to anything that goes against the word of God and we are reminded that we should live our lives without any hint of sin. Will this be easy in a world that’s fallen? Definitely not but that’s why we have a helper, the Holy Spirit to guide us and teach us how to walk in the spirit and not the flesh.

Your past doesn’t matter

When God calls you, He already knows where you are coming from, what you have done and haven’t done what you are capable of doing, He knows all these things and still He calls you because none of that matters to Him. When He calls you, your tribe doesn’t matter, your profession doesn’t matter, all He needs is a heart that is willing to obey and trust Him. Moses murdered the Egyptian but God still used him to redeem His people. Samson went against God’s laws and defiled himself with the Philistines but in the end when he called to God just before he died, God answered him and he had a might victory, bigger than any he had ever had. Ruth was a Moabite but she chose to abandon her people, her gods, her way of life to turn to the one and true God. Rahab was a prostitute who helped the spies when they explored the enemies’ camp and they were both rewarded by being placed in the lineage of Christ. Yep, you read right, the prostitute and the outsider made it to the genealogy of Jesus. How amazing is that? If you allow God, He turns your pain into your purpose because all things work together for good and for God’s glory and honor.

Reading the word of God is such a gem because I get to see through the lives of these men and women, I get to see new revelations of God, I get to understand Him in a deeper way leading me closer and closer to Him and am glad am on this journey. If you aren’t on this journey, I encourage you to jump in and it will be worthwhile. YouVersion is a great app that makes reading the bible so much fun and engaging, it gives you a word of the day and endless bible plans on any topic you could think of plus you can walk this journey with friends which helps in accountability. Try it and be blessed, I know I am!

Cheers to the new month, cheers to being motivated and energized to set and smash goals, cheers to keeping a grateful spirit in all things and above all cheers to letting go and letting God. Nothing more beautiful than living in the warmth embrace of Christ!!