I Need You To Know…

I don’t know what you’re struggling with,

But I need you to know you don’t have to hold on to it.
I don’t know why you are hurting,
But I need you to know you don’t have to remain in pain.
I don’t know who betrayed you and what broke you,
But I need you to know that you can be healed.

I need you to know that it’s okay to cry but don’t drown yourself in tears.
It’s okay to hit rock bottom but don’t stay on the ground.
It’s okay to feel the darkness threatening to creep in but don’t let it engulf you without putting up a fight.

I need you to know there are days you’ll walk in dark valleys,
Days you’ll fear,
Days you’ll feel you can’t go on,
But you won’t walk alone.

“Dark valleys were meant to be walked through but they were never meant to be your final destination.
Jesus descended into darkness so that we don’t have to ever live there”

Even though I walk through the valley, I will fear no evil. Psalms 23:4

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