Father’s day is here once again with us…long sigh! When you have lost a dad, you are torn between the emotions; be sad that there is a vacuum left and nothing will ever replace him or be grateful for the days you had together. This was my dilemma the entire week.

I remember taking my girl shopping for her dad’s gift and as we passed by the shoes aisle, I saw an awesome pair of boots that would have looked amazing on my dad. I froze there for a moment and could not get my legs to move because my thoughts were running all over my mind. I felt this huge wave of emotion wash over me and I stood there remembering my dad. And as much as I could feel the tears well up in my eyes, I smiled, recalling his great taste of fashion and how much he loved looking on point all the time. He would have looked classy as always in those boots.

I had a choice to break down at that moment or find my sunshine and smile my way through it so I choose the later. I choose to rejoice and I was reminded of Thessalonians 5:16-18 16 Rejoice always, 17 pray continually, 18 give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. I know celebrating father’s day without him is difficult but I choose to make it light, happy and cheerful because truth be told, despite the ups and downs life throws, I have infinite blessings to be grateful for.

Like for starters am grateful I had more than a quarter a century (yes, we are aging gracefully, lol) to share with my dad, a blessing I don’t take for granted. I know friends who have lost their dads at a young tender age, I know there are kids who will grow up without their parents. So I count myself blessed to have enjoyed a close relationship with him all throughout my life and am blessed to still have my mum by my side.

I am grateful that in so many ways I am my father’s child. I am a complete replica of him, I have his eyes, his smile, his forehead (hehe). His height? naah, my siblings took that away from me. I am grateful that when I look at myself in the mirror, am reminded so much of him and it comforts me.

I am grateful I have his sense of humour. My dad was one fun loving humorous guy, he’d walk in a room and light it up with his presence. He was the life of the party, always pulled people towards his radiance and in so many ways; I am the sanguine he was.

He loved helping out. He was the one guy you would call at 1am with a need and you’d be certain he would come rushing to your aid. He loved giving back to community. I remember after we laid him to rest and I was at his office clearing up stuff when two street boys came asking for him. They used to meet every Saturday and he would allow them to help out. It broke my heart watching their faces when I told them about what had happened, they were crushed. Funny thing no one knew he was helping them out, it was his own lil secret. Am glad that I have the same big generous heart he had and am passionate about charity work. The prayer of my heart is to submit myself to God for Him to use me as His vessel, to touch lives in the best way I possibly can, to live a fruitful life, a purpose driven life that brings glory and honor to God.

The more I remember my dad, the more I lift my hands up in praise and thanksgiving because am reminded that God loves me unconditionally, in good and bad times, through the valleys and the mountains, He still remains God, sited on the throne, unchangeable. Nothing catches Him by surprise and He has a purpose for our pain. Job 5:18 For He wounds, but he also binds up; he injures, but his hands also heal. He never lets our pain go to waste, if we allow Him, He will use it for His glory and all things will work out for good.

As I write this am reminded of a song I love by Group 1 crew ft Chris August He said

So your life feels like it doesn’t make sense
And you think to yourself, ‘I’m a good person’
So why do these things keep happening?
Why you gotta deal with them?

You may be knocked down now
But don’t forget what He said, He said

I won’t give you more, more than you can take
And I might let you bend, but I won’t let you break
And No-o-o-o-o, I’ll never ever let you go-o-o-o-o
Don’t you forget what He said

Who you are ain’t what you are going through
So don’t let it get the best of you
Cause God knows everything you need,
So you ain’t gotta worry

You may be knocked down now
But just believe what He said, He said

Whatever valley you are going through, be encouraged that God never leaves us and He’s promised to be with us till the very end. For those who are blessed to have their dads around, treasure every day with them, call them, take them out, buy them gifts, appreciate them every chance you get. Say you love them and make it count. Because when they are gone, you’ll wish for one more chance to do this but it will be late.

For the dads out there, always remember your kids are looking up to you and will carry your legacy in their hearts and lives. Be the king in their lives; let them learn how to build an empire from watching yours.

For those who are not yet dads, don’t fret, at the right time, you will be one and how I pray that you’ll start preparing yourself to be the world’s greatest dad, regardless of whether you experienced it yourself or not, but trusting in the one example we know best, our Heavenly Father.

Happy father’s day to my all time hero, my first love, my dad and to all the men out there striving every day to be the best they can be.

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