Sailing in storms…

It’s exactly midnight, am in bed, curled up ready to rest. Just when am about to close my eyes, as am drifting off thinking about one or two things, the rain starts to gently fall. I smile to myself because nothing beats sleeping to the sound of rain, something so soothing about listening to the raindrops pelting the roof.

Gradually the rains intensify and I think to myself how glad I am to be indoors and warm for that matter. My thoughts roam to those out there at such a time, perhaps running late, with no umbrella. Or those who don’t have the blessing of a roof above their heads. Must be a tough night, drenching and freezing out in the cold. By this time it’s raining so furiously you’d think the skies have a bone to pick with earth.

Then it hits me how this scenario reflects my walk of faith. In a world that’s cold, dark and in a storm am kept warm safe indoors in my master’s arms. I don’t need to be afraid of the heavy rains, though I feel them when they fall. I rest assured that my savior is embracing me and I can close my eyes and rest. I don’t need to be alarmed for He keeps watch over me.

The beauty of surrendering to Christ is knowing He is with me in the boat and He calms my storms. That I don’t need to do struggle on my own, that He strengthens me to do all things. And that even in my weakness, His grace is sufficient for His power is made perfect in me. That He came so I could have life and have it in abundance.

I never want to go back to outside to the cold world, freezing myself to death and looking for temporary means to light me up and keep me warm. That facade is just but a sinking sand. I want to build my life on Christ, my rock, my fortress and my deliverer(Psalms 18:2) I want to build my house on Him so that when the rains come, streams rise, the winds blow against me, and I will not fall because my foundation is on Christ the solid rock. (Matthew 7:25-27)

As soon as am finished jotting down my thoughts, the rains come to a halt and I rejoice within because for me it had served its purpose for the night. Reminding me that the best decision I made was accepting Christ as my Lord and savior. It’s not an assurance that the rains won’t fall, but that if they do, I will be held safe in His arms, carried through the storms so that I can sleep with a smile.

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