Journeying through the Bible

First day of August, yaaaaay… Happy new month, excited for new beginnings which always signifies a fresh start and hope for better days. Am looking forward to a lot this month, nothing big or fancy, just a desire to get back on track in achieving my goals and vision because I’ve come to the realization that if I don’t achieve what I purposed, that’s on me, can’t blame the pandemic or any other external forces, lol.

One of my main goals in 2020 was to read the bible in one year and thanks to my Trinity Chapel Ruiru E-group, the journey has been fun and fulfilling. I’ve just finished the book of Kings, 12 books y’all ; just writing that number makes me so excited at how consistent I have been in this challenge and by all means all glory goes back God; I wouldn’t have done this on my own strength. In summary, the books of Genesis to Kings tell a story of the rise & fall of the Israelites and the amazing journey they take in between. For me it paints a picture of three key things. One, wayward children who continually forget the covenant they have been called into, two, a very faithful God who is fiercely loyal to those who obey Him and thirdly the journey of becoming. I am inspired to look back and share the nuggets that stood out for me so here we go.

Friendship with God is beautiful

Reading through the story of Abraham made me desire a closer more intimate walk with God because without doubt He treasures a relationship with us. Abraham was never afraid to express himself and share his thoughts with God so much to the point where God also comfortably shared His plans with him. (Genesis 18: 16-33) and Abraham had the confidence of engaging/sort of questioning/sort of making God change His mind, that was mind blowing for me. David was a man after God’s heart; he pursued God wholeheartedly and learnt how to fully depend on Him for everything. He had his flaws but he never let that pull him away from God’s presence, his heart remained broken and contrite before God. And God in return never turned His back away from him. He remained faithful to the covenant He made with David despite the failures and disobedience in between. Even when his predecessors failed God and their hearts were not devoted to Him, God made sure that David’s lineage still remained in the throne. God honors those who pursue Him wholeheartedly.

Generational cycles exist

From the lineage of Abraham, the story tells how he passes down generational blessings which are exceptional but sadly he also passed down a pattern of lies and infidelity/sleeping with slaves to bear children. Abraham lied to Abimelek that Sara was just his wife and a few chapters down the line, Isaac repeats the same lie to the same guy then Jacob turned out to be a crafty liar who lied his way into Esau’s birthright. There was a pattern of barrenness passed down from Sarah, to Rebekah and Rachel. Moses inherited a generational anger/temper from the Levi lineage which in the end led to his downfall. David slept with another man’s wife and later on his own son Absalom slept with his father’s concubines. These patterns/cycles could be either good or bad but the most definite thing was these patterns were handed down from one generation to the next. Which led me thinking, what behaviors/patterns or legacy have been handed down to me and what will I hand down to my lineage, my children and my children’s children?

Trusting God with the process

The story of Joseph is one painted by jealousy, betrayal, slavery and ultimately ascent into power and authority which reflects that with God it doesn’t matter your circumstances, His will always prevails. With God, you will thrive anywhere you are put, whether it’s a pit, prison, palace, anywhere, you name it, but you will always succeed because His hand is upon you. It may take time to get to where God wants you to be; Abraham was 100 when he got a child, Joseph spent 13 years in slavery before he ascended into power, David was anointed to be king but it took him years of running away from death before he was enthroned as king. Everything God does is never in vain; it is part of a well calculated plan in His perfect will and purpose. Like Joseph said in Genesis 50: 20 as he addressed his brothers, “Don’t be afraid. Am I in the place of God? You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.” We just have to trust Him that He has our backs and His plans may lead us into pain but they are never to harm us.

The little foxes will cost you

Moses was an exceptional leader who led the Israelites out of Egypt, witnessed first-hand the great miracle of the Red sea, God’s physical presence leading them along the journey, God’s provision of manna, quail and water in the desert…I mean he saw everything that would daze me, but guess what, he never made it into the Promised Land. Why? He never dealt with his temper issues, his temper made him hit a rock instead of talking to it as instructed by God (Exodus 20:1-13) , his temper made him break the tablets which God had personally inscribed the ten commandments on. David was supposed to be at war like his fellow kings but on that particular day he wanted to Netflix and chill which led him to sleep with a married woman, kill the innocent husband and eventually God punished him by letting the son born out of that sin die. We are always told it’s the little things that matter so what little thing am I entertaining that could lead to my ultimate fall? It may seem insignificant at the moment but a series of little cracks on a foundation could make a whole tower crash down.

Feed your faith, starve your fear

Numbers 13 and 14, the story of the spies who were sent out to explore the land of Canaan is a clear demonstration of the power of faith over fear. 12 spies went out at the same time, witnessed the same thing but came back with two extremely different reports, one loaded with fear and horror and the other dripping in faith and confidence in God. The Israelites chose to believe the fear filled report and they grumbled out to God to the point of wanting to stone Moses and Aaron. In the end, it cost their lives because only the two spies who had the faith filled report crossed over into Canaan. Despite all God had done for them, displaying His glory, miraculous signs and wonders, they still doubted God’s ability to save them. Faith always wins especially in the journey of walking with God; faith is the currency we need to operate on. There will be moments when fear strikes but there is never a reason to doubt if you know who God is and know that He is on your side.

Serving God demands total separation

The one thing that made the Israelites repeatedly fail in keeping God’s decrees was their association with the tribes that did not know God which led them to being enticed into idolatry. Anytime God gave them victory over a new territory, they were required to totally destroy anything that did not honor God but little by, they failed at this and ended up worshipping baal, sacrificing their children, defiling the temple of God… the list is endless. Reading through the story of the kings who succeeded David, both the good ones and the bad ones, they all failed in one thing and that was they failed to remove the high places so the people continued to offer sacrifices and incense to gods. The journey of faith is a clear white or black/hot or cold scenario without room for gray areas or for being lukewarm. It’s either you are fully in or not because God demands we give Him our all or nothing at all. There should be zero tolerance to anything that goes against the word of God and we are reminded that we should live our lives without any hint of sin. Will this be easy in a world that’s fallen? Definitely not but that’s why we have a helper, the Holy Spirit to guide us and teach us how to walk in the spirit and not the flesh.

Your past doesn’t matter

When God calls you, He already knows where you are coming from, what you have done and haven’t done what you are capable of doing, He knows all these things and still He calls you because none of that matters to Him. When He calls you, your tribe doesn’t matter, your profession doesn’t matter, all He needs is a heart that is willing to obey and trust Him. Moses murdered the Egyptian but God still used him to redeem His people. Samson went against God’s laws and defiled himself with the Philistines but in the end when he called to God just before he died, God answered him and he had a might victory, bigger than any he had ever had. Ruth was a Moabite but she chose to abandon her people, her gods, her way of life to turn to the one and true God. Rahab was a prostitute who helped the spies when they explored the enemies’ camp and they were both rewarded by being placed in the lineage of Christ. Yep, you read right, the prostitute and the outsider made it to the genealogy of Jesus. How amazing is that? If you allow God, He turns your pain into your purpose because all things work together for good and for God’s glory and honor.

Reading the word of God is such a gem because I get to see through the lives of these men and women, I get to see new revelations of God, I get to understand Him in a deeper way leading me closer and closer to Him and am glad am on this journey. If you aren’t on this journey, I encourage you to jump in and it will be worthwhile. YouVersion is a great app that makes reading the bible so much fun and engaging, it gives you a word of the day and endless bible plans on any topic you could think of plus you can walk this journey with friends which helps in accountability. Try it and be blessed, I know I am!

Cheers to the new month, cheers to being motivated and energized to set and smash goals, cheers to keeping a grateful spirit in all things and above all cheers to letting go and letting God. Nothing more beautiful than living in the warmth embrace of Christ!!

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