2021 Prayers!

Day 29 of January, 2021; can you believe that we’ve come to the end of January already yet it feels like just the other day when we crossed over? I am glad to be alive and healthy on such a day, in such a season as this. The year still smells of its newness (for some of us, lol) with goals, dreams, hopes and desires for a fruitful, productive and prosperous year.

Am no different, am still super excited for the New Year. Yes I said it loud and clear, I’m super excited to see what God has in store for me. I am excited for the blessing of a new season after the year 2020 was.

Last year was gruesome on all levels, individually, as a family, as a community and all over the world. Personally I had my mountain high and rock bottom moments all throughout but am so grateful that God held me & carried me through it all and I crossed over 2021 hopeful, confident and assured in His promises, I crossed over in power and authority knowing that God never fails.

My 2021 declaration: This is the year of new birthing & manifestations, the year of divine positioning, divine acceleration and divine fruitfulness. These are my prayers for this year:

  • I will receive my manifestations in the year 2021 in the name of Jesus.
  • I will birth salvation in my family, community and country.
  • I will be aligned to the purposes of God.
  • I will fulfill positive prophecies that are aligned to God’s will.
  • I will be part of God’s remnant.
  • I will not suffer shame or defeat.
  • I will be divinely positioned.
  • I will bear much fruit; I will be fruitful in my area of calling.
  • I will experience the grace of divine fruitfulness.
  • I will live my life as a ministry to point and draw the world to Christ.
  • My relationship with God will take preeminence.
  • The Lord’s perfect will be fulfilled.
  • The pain I have gone through will work for good for God.
  • God will make everything I begin/pursue/put my heart and mind to in 2021 to shoot and grow because of divine speed and divine acceleration, for the glory and honor of His name.

I am confidently stepping out this year, not because of anything I am, far be it from it. I am not the best to ever do it, I’ve been broken, I’ve messed up, been a fool, am wretched but God breathed into my life when He chose me. There are people out here who are wiser, better, more articulate, more beautiful BUT God still chooses me and keeps me alive.  It’s not me. It’s never been me. It’s JUST GOD!

And for this reason am totally sold out to Christ and I don’t mind looking like a fool to the world. I just want to be a bridge between heaven and earth, to make God proud, to please Him and Him alone, to bring glory and honor to Him: not the glory of this world, nope…I want the kind of glory that will have me stand in the presence of my Savior.

These are my prayers for 2021: to be Kingdom focused, to be a Kingdom seeker and chaser and to fulfill the Kingdom of God, by His grace, strength and wisdom. So Cheers to living out loud and large for Christ by all means possible, to manifesting and being who God called us to be.


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