Why I stopped!

Growing up, there so many things I used to do, some which I still do but most I stopped.

I stopped doubting myself,

I stopped blaming my past,

I stopped magnifying my flaws and acting blind to the beautiful blessing I was,

I stopped beating myself hard for setting up unrealistic goals,

I stopped looking for adventures that were elusive and left me veered off on wrong paths,

I stopped entertaining people who only needed me because they thought they were better than me and my woes,

I stopped looking for validation from people who gave it at a price that costed me more than I gave,

I stopped giving first priority to people who made me feel like I was always an option to them,

I stopped expecting perfection from people,

I stopped looking for happiness everywhere else other than within,

I stopped waiting for perfect moments instead of creating them myself,

I stopped looking for so many things because I was tired of constantly feeling inadequate,

I was tired of feeling broken and messed up. I was tired of placing my worth in the hands of those who could not see past my imperfections.

I was tired of feeling I could never measure up to anything other than what the world dictated,

I was tired of carrying the heavy burdens and feeling the darkness slowly creep in on me, like a stealth hunter ganging down on his prey.

I am happy I got tired. I am happy I reached my breaking point and hit the ground hard because I didn’t have any other way than back up on my feet. And I needed to do things a different way.

I am happy I found the one thing no one could give me and it finally dawned on me that all I was looking for was not a mirage; it was something I could find in one place.

I stopped my constant search when I found more than what I ever knew I needed.

I stopped looking when I found Christ.

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  • Reply
    Vanessa Bonareri
    6th December 2018 at 10:42 am

    Wow,wow!This piece has really inspired me.I could feel that great boldness in the words while reading.It has made me realise there are things I also need to stop.Thanks for being such a blessing.
    Love,Vanessa B.

    • Reply
      Njeri Muthuya
      7th December 2018 at 6:12 am

      Am glad to hear that and I pray that God gives you the grace to stop those things He has pointed you to because the grace of God teaches us to say NO to all things that oppose God’s word. Be blessed Vee.

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